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Project X LZ Blackout Steel Iron .355 Taper Tip Shaft Set of 8

Project X LZ Blackout Steel Iron .355 Taper Tip Shaft Set of 8

Project X LZ Blackout steel features proprietary Loading Zone Technology which produces maximum shaft load during the downswing for 7% greater energy transfer to the ball at impact for more distance.

Loading Zone Technology is achieved through variable wall technology in the shaft's butt and tip sections and a reduced stiffness in the midsection. Golfers can not only feel the technology, but see it as well in the rapid, tapered steps out of the grip through the midsection of Project X LZ.

The loading zone is specifically positioned by flex to maximize ball speed and spin properties. Project X engineers created a unique recipe of a very flexible mid section-the loading zone-with a robust butt and tip section to create a radically different shaft load profile during the downswing.



  • NBlackout version of the Project X LZ, producing the signature mid ball flight and enhanced feel of the original LZLoading Zone Technology allows the player to load the shaft more for increased energy transfer while also getting a unique feelSlightly broader player profile than standard Project X for players looking for a higher ball flightReinforced tip and butt sections with a softer mid section to increase feel and load.Designed for players seeking a smoother, less harsh feel and slightly higher ball flight than Project XProgressive weight profiles - 5.0 (110g), 5.5 (115g), 6.0 (120g) and 6.5 (125g) enhances performance for all swing speeds
  • Available in R+, S and X Flex



R+  115g

S    120g

X     125g


    Full Refund on Undamaged and Unused Items returned in 30 days

$519.92 Regular Price
$441.93Sale Price
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