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Bag Mapping/Gapping

1 Hour of Simulator Time with printed and/or emailed report of each club's distance and dispersion.  Adjustments to loft/lie can be done to address gaps (see repair services)


Re-Gripping Services

We can get almost any grip.  Just ask.  Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn, Superstroke, and others.

Remove and Install New Grip(s)

$3.50 per club or $35 for set

(Note:  4.00 per club or $40 per set for customer provided grips) 

Grip Rib with Grip Install $1.00 each

Remove/Save Grip for Install on New Shaft  $3.00

Repair Services

Loft/Lie Adjustments  $5.00

Change Swing Weight  $15.00

Lengthen Club $15.00

Shorten Club $10 

Remove Broken Shaft Tip in Hosel $15.00

Re-Shaft Club  $15.00  (Bore Through additional $5.00)

Sharpen Club Grooves  $15.00


Refinishing Services

Click Here for Examples

Chrome Plating Head  $90.00 (4 head minimum)

Buff and Polish Iron Head $15.00

Light Sand, Buff, and Polish Iron Head $30.00

Bead Blasting $15.00

Golf Bag with Clubs
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