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Maltby PTM5 Face Balanced Arm Lock Putter Right Hand

Maltby PTM5 Face Balanced Arm Lock Putter Right Hand

Maltby Right Hand 41.5" PTM-5 Face Balanced Arm Lock Putter with 17" SuperStroke Traxion Flatso Grip built by Golf Father Golf in Littleton, CO. Includes magnetic closure head cover.


You have been wanting to try it. There is a reason so many of the pros have been moving to the arm lock putting technique. Now you can too.Putter Loft has been adjusted to 7.5* to account for the forward press associated with the arm lock technique, resulting in consistent roll, each and every putt.

Loft:                 7.5*
Lie Angle         72*
Length            41.5"  Note:  Other lengths available upon request.
Head Weight   375gr.
About the Maltby PTM-5 Putter:

The Maltby Pure-Track Tour Milled PTM-5 putter features traditional mallet profile with modern weight specs specifically designed to increase accuracy and distance control. These modern specifications increase MOI vs. traditional mallet putters and allow for greater customization via the use of counterbalanced weights, custom club lengths or heavy weight putter grips.

The Tour Milled Mallet putter is meticulously manufactured from a premium S25C Japanese Carbon Steel block. The S25C block is 100% CNC milled to produce exact spec weights, spec tolerances and aesthetics. The PTM-5 putter is then plated using a satin gloss TIN Plating process to protect the carbon steel material from oxidation.

PTM-5 Blade Highlights


  • 100% CNC milled from premium Japanese S25C Carbon Steel for unprecedented specification and aesthetic quality
  • Traditional profile dimensions with modern weight specs to optimize MOI (2982 g-cm²), providing more forgiveness and increased distance and accuracy control.
  • Milled alignment lines on the back flange help to properly align the putter head at address
  • 4 way CNC milled faced for a perfectly flat surface
  • Available in RH only
About the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 17" Putter Grip:

The Flatso™ 17 is an extended version of our Flatso™ 3.0 putter grip that meets the needs of golfers who require something a little different, most notably those who prefer mid-length putters. Its distinct pentagonal profile is also a smart choice for golfers who position the putter grip against their lead forearm, offering increased stability from its 17-inch length and wide-front design. Core .580" - Weight 100gm


TRAXION CONTROL | Enhanced Feedback Zones Building on the superior feel and playability of the original SuperStroke putter grip, the new Traxion offers an advanced surface texture design for enhanced feedback. The strategically designed Traxion zones on the tacky polyurethane outer layer offer an amazing comfortable feel leading to greater overall confidence.


NO TAPER TECHNOLOGY® | Even Grip Pressure Patented No Taper Technology® creates even grip pressure for a more consistent stroke. Parallel design has uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure and maintain putter head path for a more consistent stroke.


SPYNE TECHNOLOGY | Repeat Hand Positioning Advanced Spyne Technology is specifically engineered to aid in repeatable hand positioning. Repeatable hand placement leads to greater consistency in squaring the putter face at time of impact during the stroke.

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