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Maltby TS1 Iron set 3-PW RH Built to your Specs (R, S, X Flex)

Maltby TS1 Iron set 3-PW RH Built to your Specs (R, S, X Flex)

Maltby TS1 Iron Set 3-PW; Built to your Specifications.  Price includes Lamkin Crossline Black grip. If there is another grip you would like, please contact us for pricing and availability. We can get grips from Golf Pride, Superstroke, Lamkin, Winn, Pure, Royal, Star, TackiMac, Avon, Grip Master, Grip One and others.

  • On this page, you will pick your shaft (If you don't see your desired shaft, please call or email and we will do what we can to get that for you.)
  • Then if any customizing of the club is desired, go to our "Iron Customization Options" located on the Iron page.  here you can adjust club length, and/or lie. You can also make any notes about your grip installation, such as special buildup, grip orientation, etc.  Finally for a truly custom look, you can pick ring ferrules, or custom color ferrules.


Maltby TS1 Iron Overview

The Maltby TS-1 Forged Irons are a true billet forged 3 piece iron design that delivers performance and feel unlike any other muscle back iron head. This incredible playability and direct feedback comes from a combination of a very low and centered vertical center of gravity, modern loft specifications and a soft polymer material injected throughout the entire club head.
The TS-1 head design features a 2mm 1025C forged face and a forged 1025C body with an internal tungsten weight positioned low and towards the toe. The pieces are then precision welded together leaving a void behind the entire club face that is injection filled with a proprietary polymer to enhance ball speeds and provide an exceptional feel on both center and off center hits.
The overall profile of the TS-1 Forged Irons certainly give the appearance, both in the bag and in the playing position, of a traditional blade but offer Super Game Improvement (PF701+) playability performance throughout the entire set.



  • True Forged from 1025C Carbon Steel using the most advanced 5 step forging process available
  • Hollow polymer injection filled 3 piece construction in the #3 thru #9 irons
  • Five step true forged PW and GW
  • Forged 1025C Carbon face and body with internal tungsten toe weighting to ensure the horizontal cg location is positioned in the center of the club face
  • Unparalleled playability and feel for a true forged muscle back design
  • Injected Polymer produces exceptional sound and feel
  • Super Game Improvement (PF701+) design.
  • Thin, forged 1025C carbon steel face increases ball speeds for increased distance
  • CNC milled face ensures face flatness for more consistency
  • Multi-Groove technology places more CNC milled square grooves on the face for improved consistency, trajectory and spin
  • Attractive and durable Satin Polished Nickel Chrome anti-glare finish protects the club head and enhances feel
  • Progressive offsets to help square the face at impact in the long irons and improve alignment in the short irons.
  • Progressive sole angle (bounce), modern tour leading edge grind and 4 way radius sole provides the optimum turf interaction from a variety of turf conditions.
  • Modern lofts, combined with the optimal vertical cg locations, optimizes trajectory and distance.


Maltby TS-1  6 Iron Details:

Finish:                             Satin Polished Chrome

Material:                         1025c Carbon Steel

Blade Length                  3.161"

Sole Width                      0.755"

Toe Height                      2.193"

Heal Height                    1.045"

Hosel Length                  2.220"

Hosel OD                        0.520"

Bore Depth                     1.375"

COG                               0.750"

M.O.I.                            11.7651 oz-in2


Shaft Options: (Go to our Shaft Pages for shaft detials):

If you do not see your desired shaft, please call or email, We can almost always get it.

  • True Temper:  Score LT (R or S Flex)
  • True Temper:  Dynamic Gold (R, S or X Flex)
  • True Temper:  XP95  (R or S Flex)
  • KBS:  Tour (R, S, or X Flex)
  • KBS:  Tour V (R, S or X Flex)
  • Project X LZ (R, S or X Flex)
  • Iron Specifications

    Iron Loft Lie Offset Bounce Length
    3 20 60.5 0.120" 2 39.0"
    4 22.5 61 0.120" 3 38.5"
    5 25 61.5 0.120" 3 38.0"
    6 28.5 62 0.115" 3 37.5"
    7 32 62.5 0.115" 4 37.0"
    8 36 63 0.110" 4 36.5"
    9 40.5 63.5 0.110" 4 36.0"
    PW 45 64 0.090" 4 35.5"


  • Shipping Info

    Will ship approximately 7-10 days after order to allow building to your specfications.

  • Returns

    Refund on items returned unused and undamaged within 30 days.

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