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Maltby KE4 Max Iron set 4-GW RH Built to your Specs (R, S, X Flex)

Maltby KE4 Max Iron set 4-GW RH Built to your Specs (R, S, X Flex)

Maltby KE4 Max Iron Set 4-GW; Built to your Specifications.  Price includes Lamkin Crossline Black grip. If there is another grip you would like, please contact us for pricing and availability. We can get grips from Golf Pride, Superstroke, Lamkin, Winn, Pure, Royal, Star, TackiMac, Avon, Grip Master, Grip One and others.

  • On this page, you will pick your shaft (If you don't see your desired shaft, please call or email and we will do what we can to get that for you.)
  • Then if any customizing of the club is desired, go to our "Iron Customization Options" located on the Iron page.  here you can adjust club length, and/or lie. You can also make any notes about your grip installation, such as special buildup, grip orientation, etc.  Finally for a truly custom look, you can pick ring ferrules, or custom color ferrules.


Maltby KE4 Max Description

The new Maltby KE4 MAX iron head main design concept was to surpass the overall playability of our best selling KE4 iron models from the past. Over a year in development, using the most advanced 3D modeling software, the new KE4 MAX irons have exceeded our design goals of increasing both forgiveness and distance propelling the KE4 MAX iron heads to the top of the modern "Game Improvement Distance Irons" category.


MAXimum Forgiveness

The KE4 MAX irons feature a deep undercut cavity with a interchangeable 8 gram weight screw positioned extremely low, as far towards the toe and rearward as possible. The positioning of the added toe mass moves the KE4 MAX iron's C-Dimension to an incredible 1.659". This lengthy C-Dimension measurement results in a horizontal center gravity location of .103" toe side of the geometric center of the clubface producing a very high MOI (Moment of Inertia) of 13.8912 oz-in² for MAXimum forgiveness on off center hits. The combination of the optimized MOI and C-Dimension increases the size of the club heads "sweet spot" to deliver longer and straighter golf shots when the ball is hit off center.


MAXimum Distance

The KE4 MAX iron lofts represent the strongest lofts available in the Maltby line of premium irons. However, strong lofts are not the only club head specification required to actually achieve longer golf shots. Golf shots hit on too low of a trajectory with little spin can result in a loss of distance and control. The KE4 MAX irons have an actual vertical center of gravity of .758" which is ideal for a wide range of swing speeds to produce the ideal golf ball trajectory and backspin needed for real world added distance and superb control.


MAXimum Adjustability

The KE4 MAX head weights can be customized to allow multiple shaft and length options to optimize the weight and feel for a wide variety of build options. The stock 8 gram weight of the KE4 MAX irons can be exchanged to increase or decrease the club head weight by +/-6 grams using the Maltby T-25 (MTW001) screw weights. The MTW001 screw weights are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 gram weight options.


Additional Features:

  • Ultra Game Improvement design
  • Precision cast from heat treated 17-4 Stainless Steel for durability and adjustability
  • Attractive mirror polished finished
  • Multi-Groove technology places more square grooves on the face for improved consistency, trajectory and spin
  • Offsets progress from .180" in the #4 iron to .105" in the #9, PW and GW
  • "High Toe/Low Heel" profile looks better in the playing position vs. traditional Ultra Game Improvement designs
  • 4 way radiused sole design with progressive bounce angles and sole widths to provide optimal turf interaction from a variety of turf conditions.
  • Recommended Ferrule - 60PI
  • Conforms with the Rules of Golf


Maltby KE4 Max Details:

Finish:                               Mirror/Satin Chrome

Material:                         17-4 Stainless Steel

Blade Length                  3.316"

Sole Width                      0.780"

Toe Height                      2.193"

Heel Height                     1.025"

Hosel OD                        0.531"

Bore Depth                     1.250"

COG                               0.758"

M.O.I.                            13.8912 oz-in2


Shaft Options: (Go to our Shaft Pages for shaft detials):

If you do not see your desired shaft, please call or email, We can almost always get it. 

  • True Temper:  Score LT (R or S Flex)
  • True Temper:  Dynamic Gold (R, S or X Flex)
  • True Temper:  XP95  (R or S Flex)
  • KBS:  Tour (R, S, or X Flex)
  • KBS:  Tour V (R, S or X Flex)
  • Project X LZ (R, S or X Flex)
  • Iron Specifications

    Iron Loft Lie Offset Bounce Length
    4 20 60.5 0.180" 3 38.5"
    5 23 61.25 0.165" 3 38.0"
    6 26 62 0.150" 3 37.5"
    7 30 62.5 0.135" 4 37.0"
    8 34 63 0.120" 4 36.5"
    9 38 63.5 0.105" 5 36.0"
    PW 43 64 0.105" 5 35.5"
    GW 48 64 0.105" 5 35.5"


  • Shipping Info

    Will ship approximately 7-10 days after order to allow building to your specfications.

  • Returns

    Refund on items returned unused and undamaged within 30 days.

$440.00 Regular Price
$418.00Sale Price
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