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Fujikura Vista Pro Graphite Wood Shaft 0.335"

Fujikura Vista Pro Graphite Wood Shaft 0.335"

The redesigned Vista PRO line benefits from Tour proven Fujikura technologies CAGE and Maximum Fiber Content. Cage is an innovative design process that surrounds graphite shaft fibers in the outer walls with a rigid “cage” structure. This creates thinner, lighter walls that have the same feel and control of a heavier shaft. Maximum Fiber Content Provides greater stiffness and strength compared to a standard/conventional material at a similar weight. This allows for increased stability, distance, and feel. Materials containing an extremely high fiber content are difficult to make, and only the best, high-precision material suppliers can accomplish it and they make it especially for Fujikura Golf



  • The new version of the classic, Tour-trusted Vista Pro Series provides versatility, professional grade technology, and Tour design aesthetics.
  • The new Vista Pro line benefits from proprietary Fujikura technologies like CAGE, Maximum Fiber Content, and Phantium, all of which make Fujikura #1 on Tour.
  • Various launch, spin and weight options appeal to a broad range of players.


  • Available in L, A, R, and S Flex
  • Driver Shaft Adaptor can be Installed by Golf Father Golf



  • L Flex       48g,   5.6 TORQ.    High Launch
  • A Flex       49g,   5.4 TORQ.    High Launch
  • R Flex       50g,   5.1 TORQ.    High Launch


  • A Flex      55g,    5.1 TORQ.    High Launch
  • R Flex      56g,    4.8 TORQ.    Mid/High Launch
  • S Flex      57g,    4.6 TORQ.    Mid/High Launch


  • R Flex      65g,    4.4 TORQ.    Mid Launch
  • S Flex      67g,    4.2 TORQ.    Low Launch



    Full Refund on Undamaged and Unused Items returned in 30 days

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