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Driver Customization Options

Driver Customization Options

AFTER you have selected your new Driver and the grip you want:


Use this Page to tell Golf Father Golf, any adjustments or changes you would like in the building of your new driver.

  • Quantity should be set to number of drivers purchased
  • Length:  Please tell us in the "Customer Club Notes" if you would like your driver to be longer or shorter by a specific amount.  i.e.  Build 1/2" longer than standard.  Standard Length is 45"  (No extra charge)
  • Shaft FLO:  If Selected, Shafts will be installed to provide "flat line osolation" (FLO).  This will provide more consistent ball contact since the shaft will flex in a more straight line during the swing.  ($5.00 to provide Shaft FLO)
  • "Customer Club Notes":  Any notes you think will help.  For Example Shafts are Installed Logo down typically.  You could note that you want Logo up.  Use this section to notate length adjustments you would like.
  • "Customer Grip Notes":  Any notes on your grip that you think would help.  For example, you want a standard grip built up to mid-size.  Grip logo is typically installed up, but you can note to install logo down or any other orientation.


As always if their is something you want that you don't see, please ask, and we will do our best to find it and make it happen for you.

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