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Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron set 4-GW RH Built to your Specs (R, S, X Fle

Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron set 4-GW RH Built to your Specs (R, S, X Fle

Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron Set 4-GW; Built to your Specifications.  Price includes Lamkin Crossline Black grip. If there is another grip you would like, please contact us for pricing and availability. We can get grips from Golf Pride, Superstroke, Lamkin, Winn, Pure, Royal, Star, TackiMac, Avon, Grip Master, Grip One and others.

  • On this page, you will pick your shaft (If you don't see your desired shaft, please call or email and we will do what we can to get that for you.)
  • Then if any customizing of the club is desired, go to our "Iron Customization Options" located on the Iron page.  here you can adjust club length, and/or lie. You can also make any notes about your grip installation, such as special buildup, grip orientation, etc.  Finally for a truly custom look, you can pick ring ferrules, or custom color ferrules.


Maltby KE4 Tour +  Iron

The Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron Heads is a Tour Inspired Design with Ultra Game Improvement Performance.


The Maltby KE4 Tour + irons have had a subtle redesign over the best selling original KE4 Tour 2012 version vaulting the iron head into the Ultra Game Improvement category. The finish and cosmetics have also been upgraded to produce one of the best looking irons in both the bag and at address ever introduced into the Maltby line. The KE4 Tour + irons are a true players cavity back design. The minimal offsets progresses from .135” in the #4 iron to .100” in the wedges which appeals to players who want a Ulta Game Improvement iron without extreme offset. With a thin (.310”) radiused top line thickness and a slightly notched hosel to top line transition, the KE4 Tour + irons provide the “look” discerning players prefer at address. Consistent moderately wide sole widths (.800”) and progressive bounce angles provide the perfect combination of turf forgiveness regardless of the playing conditions

The toe weighting and undercut cavity correctly places more weight to the perimeter and rear of the club head increasing MOI (Moment of Inertia) and positioning the head mass for the best possible combination of feel and forgiveness.

The KE4 Tour + irons come with a factory installed 6 gram toe weight but can adjusted in weight using the KE4 Screw System to allow for multiple shaft length and weight options. Additional 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 gram weights are available.



  • ”Tour” design features less offset and a minimal top line and sole widths.
  • Manufactured from heat treated 431 stainless steel for a soft, solid forged feel.
  • Satin-mirror finish eliminates glare, increases finish durability and allows for loft and lie adjustments.


Maltby KE4Tour +  6 Iron Details:

Finish:                            Satin Polish

Material:                         431 Stainless Steel

Blade Length                  3.295"

Sole Width                      0.800"

Toe Height                      1.755"

Hosel Length                  2.063"

Hosel OD                        0.531"

Bore Depth                     1.250"

COG                               0.785"

M.O.I.                            13.706 oz-in2


Shaft Options: (Go to our Shaft Pages for shaft detials):

If you do not see your desired shaft, please call or email, We can almost always get it.

  • True Temper:  Score LT (R or S Flex)
  • True Temper:  Dynamic Gold (R, S or X Flex)
  • True Temper:  XP95  (R or S Flex)
  • KBS:  Tour (R, S, or X Flex)
  • KBS:  Tour V (R, S or X Flex)
  • Project X LZ (R, S or X Flex)
  • Iron Specifications

    Iron Loft Lie Offset Bounce Length
    4 23 60.5 0.135" 3 38.5"
    5 26 61 0.125" 3 38.0"
    6 29 61.5 0.115" 3 37.5"
    7 33 62 0.110" 3 37.0"
    8 37 62.5 0.110" 3 36,5"
    9 41 63 0.110" 3 36.0"
    PW 45 64 0.100" 4 35.5"
    GW 49 64 0.100" 4 35.5"


  • Shipping Info

    Will ship approximately 7-10 days after order to allow building to your specfications.

  • Returns

    Refund on items returned unused and undamaged within 30 days.

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