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Maltby ISO-T 10.5 Degree Driver, Custom Build for You (Right Hand)

Maltby ISO-T 10.5 Degree Driver, Custom Build for You (Right Hand)

Maltby Driver; Built to your Specifications.  Price includes Lamkin Crossline Black grip. If there is another grip you would like, please contact us for pricing and availability. We can get grips from Golf Pride, Superstroke, Lamkin, Winn, Pure, Royal, Star, TackiMac, Avon, Grip Master, Grip One and others.

  • On this page pick your shaft.
  • Then if any customizing of the club is desired, go to our "Driver Customization Options" located on the Driver page.  You can make any notes about your grip installation, such as special buildup, grip orientation, etc.


The IS0-T Driver - Aerospace Technology for longer and straighter drives!


The Maltby ISO-T driver is manufactured using the most advanced Aerospace Forging Technology available - Isothermal Forging.
Titanium is a very strong, lightweight and flexible material that is ideal for golf club construction but offers very low forgeability and flow ability making it difficult to forge or cast without negatively affecting the mechanical properties of the titanium. Typical golf club head forging dies and casting molds cannot withstand extremely high temperatures creating a "chilling effect" resulting in significant deformation of the Titanium's mechanical properties. Isothermal forging dies require the use of Superalloys that can be heated to extreme temperatures (2300⁰ F) to match the temperature of the Titanium material being forged creating a hot working environment that maintains maximum elevated temperatures of the both the die and Titanium part throughout the entire forging process. Isothermal forging results in smooth flow ability allowing for more aggressive club head design features and tolerances that enhance the Titanium's mechanical properties for increased flexibility and performance, resulting in hotter ball speeds and improved shot dispersion.



  • Manufactured using the most advanced Aerospace forging process available.
  • Isothermal forging of Titanium eliminates variations that can occur in temperature during manufacturing (that can negatively affecting the mechanical properties of the titanium), resulting in a more consistent high performance part.
  • By maintaining the consistency of the mechanical properties and grain structure of the titanium over the entire head, performance is enhanced through more precise control of the wall thickness in all areas of the design.
  • Features VFT (Variable Face Thickness) in a cup-face design that optimizes ball speeds over the entire surface of the face.
  • First golf club in history manufactured using the Isothermal Forging manufacturing process
  • Low spin producing driver head enhances distance and accuracy
  • Sole weight (8 grams) positioned back and deep into the head to optimize spin with each trajectory option.
  • Overall shape and 455cc head volume designed to appeal to all types of players.
  • High Moment of Inertia (4495 g cm²)
  • Available in 3 loft options - 9.5⁰, 10.5⁰ and 11.5⁰
  • Oversized Iso-T weights (MA0304W) available in 4 and 12 gram options.
  • Weight can also be adjusted using 2,4,6,10,12 or 14 gram T-25 Torx head weights (note: The GolfWorks T-25 Torx head screw weights (MTW001 & MTW002) have a smaller screw head size than the factory installed ISO-T weight, but are compatible with the ISO-T driver).
  • Includes Head Cover


Driver Details:

Finish:                        Dark Grey Metallic Black/Black PVD

Sole/Face Material:    Forged ISO-T 64

Crown Material:         Forged Ti-311 Titanium

Volumne:                   455 CC

Face Length:             4.894"

Hosel ID                    0.335"

Hosel OD                  0.490"

Hosel Length            2.750"

Bore  Depth:            1.250"


Available Shafts:

Below are recommended shafts.  If you don't see the shaft you would like, please contact us, and we will most likely be able to get it:


Aldila           NXT GEN NVS                                  MID/HIGH Launch          A, R, S Flex Available 

Aldila           NXT GEN NV                                    LOW/MID Launch           A, R, S, X Flex Available

Mitsubishi    Kuro Kage Black HBP 2nd Gen        MID Launch                    A, R, S, X Flex Available

Mitsubishi    Kuro Kage Silver                               LOW/MID Launch           R, S, X Flex Available

Project X      HZRDUS Yellow                               LOW/MID Launch           R+, S, X Flex Available

Project X      HZRDUS Black                                LOW Launch                   R+, S, X Flex Available

Project X      Evenflow Blue                                  MID Launch                     R, R+, S, X Flex Available

  • Shipping Information

    Items will ship 7-10 days after order to allow for building to your specfications.

  • Return Policy

    Refunds for items returned unused and undamaged within 30 days.

$97.00 Regular Price
$92.15Sale Price
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