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KBS TD Matte Black 0.335" Graphite Wood Shaft

KBS TD Matte Black 0.335" Graphite Wood Shaft

KBS TD Matte Black 60/70/80 Gram Graphite Wood Shafts 


The KBS TD Graphite line of shafts is designed to compliment the already proven performance driven line of KBS shafts. The KBS TD Graphite is a lighter and stiffer Driver/Wood shaft that has characteristics designed to provide the original KBS feel.



  • Higher Torsional Stiffness Design (lower torque) making the KBS TD a lighter/stiffer graphite shaft
  • Signature Innovative KBS Feel and Performance
  • Designed for performance, optimizing spin rate and launch for more distance and more consistent, tighter ball flights


Category / Flex correlation

  • Category 1 - A Flex
  • Category 2 - R Flex
  • Category 3 - S Flex
  • Category 4 - X Flex
  • Category 5 - TX Flex


  • Available in  Category 4 X-Flex, and Category 5 TX-Flex
  • Available in three weight options 60g, 70g, and 80g
  • Driver Shaft Adaptor can be installed by Golf Father Golf



  • Cat4-X      62g,   3.0 TORQ.     Low/Mid Launch
  • Cat5-TX    62g,   3.0 TORQ.     Low Launch


  • Cat4-X      71g,   2.9 TORQ.     Low/Mid Launch
  • Cat5-TX    72g,   2.9 TORQ.     Low Launch


  • Cat4-X      80g,   2.9 TORQ.     Low/Mid Launch
  • Cat5-TX    81g,   2.9 TORQ.     Low Launch

    Full Refund on Undamaged and Unused Items returned in 30 days

$350.00 Regular Price
$315.00Sale Price
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